21 November 2023

SUNRISE project partners gathered at LUREDERRA headquarters in Los Arcos, Spain, from November 20th to 21st, marking the M30 Review Meeting after 30 months of intensive collaboration. Everyone has been pleased to meet in person, share experiences, delve into the project’s achievements, and set the course for upcoming milestones. 

 Project Highlights  
  • Pilot line 1 is complete! The multisensor tool is integrated into the sorting machine, allowing it to separate different qualities of PVB. The mechanical and the mechano-chemical sorting components are ready and included in the prototype line.  
    • See more about Pilot line 1 in this VIDEO
  • Work Package Advancements: The meeting highlighted significant progress across work packages, including successful pilot line testing, design optimization, and the implementation of sorting systems at demo locations.
 An exciting update 

CEN Workshop Agreement: the consortium has started working on a process to create a standard methodology for the characterization of PVB. It has the potential to become an ISO procedure, producing impacts on how PVB is recycled and processed worldwide.   

Let the last year begin! 

We are ready to launch the last year of the project. Activities will include real-life demonstrations of the sorting system and, in parallel, the development of final products produced with recycled materials including solar panels, laminated glass for automotive and construction applications, energy storage, textiles, coating and paints.

PS: more on recycled PVB applications for textiles and carpets in the 3rd SUNRISE PROJECT WEBINAR

Upcoming Events  
  • CWA workshop: March 2024, DIN, Berlin, Germany  
  • 2nd Stakeholder Workshop: May 2024, LUREDERRA HQs, Los Arcos, Spain.  
  • M36 General Assembly: May 2024, with the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop.  
Social Impact and Engagement  

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Gallery and Video  

Explore the photo gallery capturing moments from the meeting and check out the sneak peek of our innovative PVB sorting system.