Sensors for automatic sorting processes

Within SUNRISE project, one of the main objectives is the development of a multisensor tool integrating information from different optical sensors for the inspection and classification of PVB in laminated glasses which allows to determine different compositional and quality aspects from the PVB still embedded in the glass. In this way, the 2nd webinar is focused in the optical techniques and multisensory approach developed by partners IREC and LENZ. In addition, the modelling approaches carried out by IDENER partner for making a Decision Support Tool (DST) which can support the optimization of the recycling parameters will be shown.

16th May 2023 | 10:00 – 11:00



10:00 – 10:25 > Introduction on sensors: tools and strategies for the development of a platform for multisensor optical scanning.| IREC

10:25 – 10:37 > Development of a computational decision support tool | IDENER

10:37 – 10:49 > Automation, testing and optimization of multisensory tool: requirements for a commercial application | LENZ

10:49 – 11:00 > Questions and closing


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