22 June 2023

SUNRISE is ending the second year of the project and the consortium took the occasion to organise an online progress meeting to keep the whole consortium up to date and share the advancements for each Work Package, and the criticalities met to ensure that the project keeps running smoothly. The active discussion between partners was very fruitful to plan the next steps and work together to overcome the problems encountered and consolidate the pathway towards the finalisation of the project.

Moreover, during the meeting the second Exploitation and Dissemination Board and the Innovation Board meeting were organised. The focus of these meetings was multiple: firstly, partners have discussed on the new Key Exploitable Results identified and the strategy to adopt after the end of the project to reach as many stakeholders as possible. Secondly, the review of project KPIs and an updating of their definition as well as the identification of potential additional innovation. Lastly, what was the better time for the organisation of the second stakeholder workshop: all agreed to organised it in May at LUREDERRA (Los Arcos, Spain).