17 June 2021

Representatives of the 20 partner institutions from 7 European Countries gathered together with the European Commission officer. SUNRISE is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission with a contribution of 8.040.302,51 euros.

SUNRISE aims to demonstrate within the current glass recycling business the application of an innovative optical multi-sensor sorting tool based on industrial inline techniques (Raman, IRS, Fluorescence and Optical Spectroscopy) and AI algorithms which will allow optimal classification of laminated glass according to composition and degradation. Therefore, allowing the tailored mechanochemical treatment for purification which will enable the post-consume PVB recycling and reusing as interlayer film.

In order to ensure the success, the project counts with glass recycling associations and companies and main actors in mechano-chemical treatment of PVB and optical in-line systems. Industrials partners will validate the suitability of the final products in a market environment.

Other transdisciplinary aspects will be incorporated including modelling, health, safety and environmental issues, dissemination & exploitation and standardisation. The success of SUNRISE will increase the European market in 360 million €/year by the proper collection and recycling of 1.250.352 tons/ year of laminated glass, which will avoid PVB wastes of more than 125.000 tons, representing benefits at economic, environmental and social level.