15 February 2024

Latest Innovations in Glass and Plastic Recycling 

Exploring the Impact, Importance, and Innovations in Recycling Technology with SUNRISE

As the global focus on sustainable practices intensifies, mechanical sorting processes for glass and plastic have become pivotal in recycling. This blog post delves into the various methods, importance, consequences, benefits, and cutting-edge innovations, such as the SUNRISE sorting tool, shaping the future of recycling technology.

Mechanical Sorting: Streamlining Glass and Plastic Recycling

Mechanical sorting processes for glass and plastic include sink-float sorting, density-based separation, and optical sorting. Based on density differences, plastic sorting undergoes pre-processes involving shredding, cleaning, and sieving. Automation-friendly techniques like centrifugal, sink-float, and air gravity sorting enhance processing efficiency, which is crucial for high-capacity operations.

Mechanical sorting proves indispensable for recycling, eliminating contamination, boosting efficiency, and improving environmental benefits.

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The Significance of Mechanical Sorting in Recycling

Mechanical sorting is pivotal for recycling as it eradicates contamination, increases processing efficiency, and augments environmental benefits. Failure to sort waste properly can hinder processing efficiency and diminish environmental advantages, resulting in lower material quality and reduced added value. Conversely, the benefits of mechanical sorting include higher material quality, increased added value, reduced energy consumption, and savings on raw materials.

Consequences of Neglect: The Impact of Improper Waste Sorting

Improper waste sorting can lead to dire consequences, from pollution and overflowing landfills to soil contamination and damage to recycling equipment. The ramifications extend to environmental harm and potential health risks. Proper waste sorting becomes imperative to mitigate these consequences and foster a more sustainable and healthier world.

Embracing Sustainability: Benefits of Mechanical Sorting

Mechanical sorting bestows numerous benefits to the recycling industry and the environment. These encompass higher material quality, more excellent added value, reduced energy consumption, and savings on raw materials. Such advantages contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management and resource utilization approach.

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SUNRISE PROJECT: Revolutionizing Sorting Technology

Latest achievements: Pilot line 1 is complete! The multisensor tool is integrated into the sorting machine, allowing it to separate different qualities of PVB. The mechanical and the mechano-chemical sorting components are ready and included in the prototype line.

Discover more details in the VIDEO.