19 April 2024

SUNRISE Project partner LENZ INSTRUMENTS SL participated in the final workshop of the ICEBERG project titled “Advanced Sorting and Recycling Technologies.”

The ICEBERG project, focusing on the Circular Economy of Building Materials, aims to provide innovative circular economy-based solutions demonstrating the efficient recovery of valuable material resources from end-of-life building materials.

At the workshop, Lenz Instruments had the opportunity to introduce the SUNRISE project, its objectives, and the main results achieved so far, particularly related to sensor development. This event served as another platform for disseminating the SUNRISE project and exchanging valuable insights with experts working on ICEBERG, a project addressing crucial aspects also relevant to SUNRISE.

This collaboration underscores the interconnectedness and synergy among projects striving to advance sustainability and circular economy practices within the realm of building materials. Through such partnerships and knowledge sharing, both SUNRISE and ICEBERG continue to make significant strides towards a more sustainable future.