Founded in 1859, Politecnico di Torino (PoliTO) is a leading institution in Italy and in Europe in the field of technical-scientific research (, with a yearly budget of about €300 million and over 33,000 students enrolled in academic courses of different levels, Bachelor, Master of Science, PhD, Specializing Master Courses of I and II Levels (15% of them are international students). PoliTO is a center of excellence for education and research in engineering, architecture, design and planning, where education and research complement each other and create synergies in order to address the needs of the economic system, of the local community and, above all, of its students.

Role in the project

PoliTO will be chiefly involved in WP5, guiding and driving the development and optimisation of re-PVB for application as electrode binder and/or electrolyte separator in rechargeable batteries, via both experimental and model analyses, on the grounds of the specific expertise developed by the GAME Lab group in the field. In WP6, POLITO will assist AMTE Power for the re-PVB scaling-up procedure to the production of prototype Li-ion cell with re-PVB by providing samples and technological/scientific expertise. Materials will be fully characterised from the chemico-physical viewpoint; in addition, flammability and forced combustion tests of materials and lab-scale cells will be performed, along with thermo-mechanical characteristics of the recycled polymers. Full electrochemical characterisation, comprising lab-scale cell assembly and testing and compatibility studies will be conducted. POLITO will also consider the use of recycled PVB for in-house preparation of specific binders/additives for glass-seals paste formulations to be used and tested in reversible solid oxide cells. POLITO will make use of the expertise of colleagues at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Torino (UniTO, third party in kind) to perform specific activities in WP2 and WP4, chiefly related to NMR characterisation. PoliTO will finally take part in the exploitation, dissemination and communication activities (WP8) and project management (WP9).