MET was founded in 2007 by the researchers and developers from leading material research center of Lithuania (Semiconductor’s Physics Institute) working in the field of renewable energy, heat and storage systems and specialty chemicals for PV industry with the aim to develop and up-scale technologies for industry. The main aim of the company is to develop renewable energy generation (photovoltaic, solar thermal), energy savings (insulation materials) and environmental (passive house applications) technologies, as well as components, devices and equipment for energy applications, electronics and other areas of technological innovations.

MET works as a development and manufacturing partner with various companies from PIPV (Product Integrated PV) and BIPV (Building Integrated PV) sectors who are looking for innovative and technologically advanced solutions to turn their existing products into solar one. Having deep knowledge and background in PV materials and processes as well as in power electronics products tailored for various applications, MET acts as a partner who is able to offer the solutions that interconnects different market segments.

Role in the project

MET will be participating in WP1 and WP6 activities:

  • developing of technical and economical requirements of final products as well as requirements for processing and raw recycled material to be used.
  • Production of prototypes of laminated glass for construction sector and solar panels using re-PVB film.