LENZ is specialized in the development and commercialization of electronic and optomechanic systems for industrial inspection and monitoring applications. LENZ offers customized services to industrial partners to develop inspection systems based on optical and radiofrequency spectroscopic techniques, including Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy, Vis-NIR Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and NIR Hyperspectral Imaging. In addition, LENZ is currently commercializing different equipments for the food industry to enable the in-line and contactless determination of the composition and quality attributes based on Magnetic Induction technology, NIR/Optical Spectroscopy and Artificial Vision.

Role in the project

LENZ will be responsible for the development, test and validation of the PVB pilot sorting line. LENZ activities cover both the physical implementation of the sorting system, the integration of the multisensory tool in the line, and the development of intelligent algorithms to sort the input material in different quality grades.