HEVADEX is a Belgian SME, founded about 10 years ago by Mr. Herman Van Damme. Hevadex is specialized in the development of specialty coatings, and has a well-equipped laboratory. Standard tests on performance of coatings such as adhesion, weathering, salt spray resistance, etc, can be performed according European Standards.

The products developed are award winning, high tech coatings, based on the latest and most ecological and durable developments in the polymer industry.

Role in the project

Hevadex assumes the role of testing the recycled material as binder in coatings. These can be solvent based (like anti-corrosion coats), or preferably based in dispersions in water of the recycled pvb. Hevadex is consuming on yearly based about 200Tons of pvb dispersion, partially based on recycled pbv, and has the knowledge and capability to formulate durable and ecologic end-products. The use in coatings is interesting, as the amount of recycled product can be maximized, and coatings represent a high consumption. Next to testing of the prototypes is several formulas and application possibilities, Hevadex is also interested to become a customer of the recycled end-product, and this assures the practical success of the Sunrise project