DISMECO is an independently owned SME with 18 employees and more than 40 years’ experience in waste treatment, especially WEEE, and it is recognized as one of the best WEEE-specific plants in Italy. “We have partnerships with many Consortia of the WEEE Italian collective system because of our attention to quality processes and our working capacity, covering the full range of the electric and electronic wastes.”

DISMECO recovers metals, plastics and other materials from WEEE waste that can be reintroduced on the market. Particularly innovative is the highly automated handling and preselection plant – totally engineered by DISMECO – which, unlike most of traditional plants, allows intervention on WEEE equipment by extracting the relevant components “before” the final phase of destruction occurs.

DISMECO has thus developed a process of selective separation of the basic components of the WEEE: recyclable internal parts are extracted with manual pre-selection, metals and plastics are obtained with mechanized systems; this allows an optimal recovery. Thanks to this selection, metals and plastics are available for their re-use in the industrial production of products requiring specific and homogeneous characteristics.

DISMECO aims to be involved in research activities dealing with circular economy, particularly looking for new opportunities in materials processing, being available for testing prototypical machinery or early processing solutions and exploring opportunities of new materials recovery.

Role in the project

Within SUNRISE, DISMECO will host the demo plant (WP4). As treatment plant of WEEE, DISMECO is authorized by the Local Administrations to receive this specific kind of wastes plus some other generic wastes and it can manage the addition of new wastes like laminated glass (European Wastes Catalogue: code 160120 for vehicle glass, code 170202 for glass from buildings construction/demolition).

DISMECO will make available its industrial area and technological infrastructure for the pilot project hosting test devices or machinery that could be developed within the present project, testing and supervising them in order to guarantee their optimal operation.

DISMECO general objectives are: minimizing environmental impacts; increasing company turnover also undertaking new materials treatment and recovery in order to develop new business.

DISMECO will also be involved in dissemination activities, participating to project meetings with stakeholders (in Italy or abroad in Europe), and to host them in the demo plant for live demonstrations of the works in progress.