Bio-mi Ltd. is a small and medium-sized research and development company based in Croatia, dedicated to the production of final and semifinal thermoplastic materials and products used for the production of primary and secondary packaging and agricultural products. Our main activities comprise of advanced engineering of new bio-based and sustainable plastic materials and we are the first manufacturer of certified bio-based, biodegradable and compostable thermoplastics in East and Southeast Europe.

Bio-mi Ltd. has expertise and experience in the field of processing and recycling of plastic waste. Our activities aim at producing bio-based materials that would substitute fossil-based ones, thus exploring biodegradability and recyclability by evaluating the potential of biomaterials, especially biopolymers and bioplastics.

Apart from developing new bio-based building blocks and materials, Bio-mi Ltd. provides services of consulting, advising and education in the field of transforming plastics and other advanced materials into final products that are in line with bioeconomy goals. In short, we hope to contribute to a sustainable future of bioeconomy!

Bio-mi is one of the few companies in Croatia and this part of Europe that became a full member and is willing to help develop bioeconomy in Europe. (

Role in the project

In frame of Sunrise Bio-Mi will cover several extrusion processes directed to obtaining various flexible, semi rigid and rigid films which will be further used in lamination process together with glass. Special attention will be dedicated during extrusion and processing of recycled compounds in order to obtain high transparent and clear films.